EDAYA Bamboo creative hub is under construction!

With support from the KDDI foundation in Japan, we have been creating the EDAYA bamboo creative hub near Baguio in the Philippines. Due to the Covid-19, most of the time Edgar, co-founder of EDAYA, is working alone for this project. We also have been building the bamboo bridge which connects the road, and the hub which stands on top of the stone. So far, the frame of the hub and the bamboo bridge were completed!






EDAYA is accepting the request for the work shop. The workshop about bamboo×art/design can be viewed at the link below.

EDAYA で実施しているワークショップについては、こちらのサイトからご覧いただけます。ワークショップの依頼もお受けしています。

Ask us anything about bamboo×art/design