International Cultural understanding is now the new benchmark of the 21st century. We believe in the prime importance of the intangible and tangible cultures of the community. We believe in the beauty and wisdom of various communities where people still continuously preserve and defend the diversity and distinctness of their homegrown products, life ways and tradition. We have high regard for human dignity.

We are the advocates of culture inspired by the bamboo wisdom, commit ourselves to harmonizing and re-rooting cultures and traditions through a creative platform that unifies all our core values, leading them to the stream of wisdom. We strongly believe the power of bamboo and its flexibility to connect different cultures. We also encourage creativity in each human being which can be applied in any concern specialization. Creativity truly makes our world unique and significantly interesting.

We serve in reshaping the worn-out culture systems that needs care, nourishment and deep cultural understanding. This effort, if repeated in cycles, will constitute for the interdependence and sharing of inspirations that could usher empowerment. We also serve the greater cause to build design/ art communities that will best harmonize with traditions, norms and unity of the peoples, despite their differences.






(2013.02 Soul of Kalinga Music)