The EDAYA bamboo creative hub is under construction!

With support from the KDDI foundation in Japan, we have been creating the EDAYA bamboo creative hub near Baguio in the Philippines since last February.


“We are now trying to build a creative and alternative learning systems in our Edaya’s space with you. We want to share all the wisdom hand in hand. We can make difference and inspire more people as we go through. I work hard as much as I can. I sometimes hired artist to help, but I can’t ask them till it’s done because of our limited budget. Besides, we can not get a working permit to hire workers because the local government doesn’t allow or can’t issue it to avoid and maintain social distancing. That’s why most of the time I work alone. The good thing was that I learned a lot by doing new DIY skills like metal works, welding Electrical wire, installation stone pilling, bamboo scaffolding, and so on.
In behalf of Edaya Philippines, we want to express our deepest gratitude for following, supporting, and inspiring us. We started tiny little things, but we cannot achieve the goals without you. Thank you very much for stay tuning with us. Thank you for following Edaya’s activities. Please stay healthy  and safe.”  (Co-founder Edgar Banasan)

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