A creative bamboo multi-disciplinary collective, working in design/art, education, and community engagement. We redesign the relationship between humans, nature, and society by embracing local wisdom to co-create sustainable futures.

EDAYA was co-founded in 2012 by Ayaka Yamashita, a Harvard-trained Japanese researcher and producer, and Edgar Banasan, a native of the Indigenous Kalinga, Philippines, and a master bamboo craftsman recognized as one of the few remaining experts of Kalinga bamboo musical instruments. Since then, we have designed various creative bamboo projects that let people re-think their relationship to the environment, society, and themselves while actively preserving, revitalizing, and introducing bamboo musical instruments. We have organized various workshops, events, and exhibitions locally and globally.

Based in Tuba, 45-minutes car ride from Baguio, a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts, our studio welcomes everyone willing to encounter local wisdom, enhance their learnings and discover new perspectives by immersing themselves in deep nature and culture.