Organized the study tour for the overseas resource field work program in Akita University

From September 21 to October 8, EDAYA coordinated a study tour which was research on mine development. This was the overseas resource field work program for graduate school of International Resource Sciences in Akita University. They stayed with host families in local areas and observed the situations of small-scale mining. On the other hand, Edgar took a teacher and two students to the large-scale mining company, so they were able to learn both small-scale mining and large-scale mining in the northern part of the Philippines.




Feedback from students!


We visited and stayed in the Philippines for about 3 weeks from September 21 to October 8 for study tour to learn about Mining in the undergraduate program. It was first time for me to visit Philippines and I was worried about culture, language, and so on. However, Edgar taught me that I wanted to know, and he took us to various tourist spot and museum, so I was happy to be able to gain various knowledge every day. In the practical training about mining, I was taken to various places such as mines, miner’s villages, mining companies, and so on. I had a lot of opportunities to learn various things. I also heard about Edgar’s own experience and many interesting stories. I had learned the outline of small-scale mining in a university class, but in this study tour, I was able to learn the process and the life of the miner with my own eyes. I had a very valuable experience. Thank for very much for their support. I would like to go to Baguio again if there is another opportunity. (Yuka)

今回私たちは学部のプログラムで、Miningについて学習するため、約3週間フィリピンに滞在しました。 私はフィリピンに行くのが初めてで、文化や食事、言語など多くの不安がありましたが、分からないことがあるとエドガーさんが丁寧に教えてくださったり、バギオ市内の観光地や博物館にも連れて行っていただいたりと、毎日様々な知識を得られることがとても楽しく、嬉しかったです。またMiningについての実習では、鉱山やその周辺の村、鉱山会社など、様々な場所に連れて行っていただき、多くのことを学ぶ機会が得られました。元鉱夫であるエドガーさん自身の経験も教えてくださり、とても興味深いお話をたくさん聞けました。スモールスケールマイニングについては大学の授業で概要は学んでいましたが、今回の実習で自分の目で見てそのプロセスや鉱夫の生活を学ぶことができ、非常に貴重な経験ができました。本当にありがとうございました。機会があればまたバギオに行きたいです。(友香)


From September 21 to October 10, I went to Philippine as a study tour in order to study about resource in Philippine. When I went to Baguio in September 22, I joined Bamboo Day to study about bamboo culture in Philippine and I got some surprised experience there. Bamboo Day had various events. I joined discussion with people who live in Philippine about future of bamboo culture. I was surprised that most of the people who joined the discussion have a lot of knowledge about bamboo and passion. In addition I was touched the exhibits which was made by the artists there.When I went to Luneta village I could learned about mining.In Japan I’ve already learned about basic information about mining however there is few mine in operation therefore I’ve never saw the real mine. Actual mine is a little bit dangerous, but I learned practical things that I could not learn in class. Study tour in the Philippine has given me a lot of surprises and excitement. I am very grateful to those who cooperated in the study tour. (Yuta)


EDAYA ordinates the study tour and work shops. Feel free to contact us.